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Lisa Prang

Bold Lip Obsessed
Lisa Prang is a fashion and style blogger based in the heart of Michigan. She is a college student studying graphic design at the Art Institute of Michigan and hopes one day to work at a fashion magazine and eventually have her own clothing line. Her dream is to hear someone on the streets saying they are wearing “LMPcollections”. Her blog LMPcollections, is based on Lisa’s collection of photos and videos that combine her personal style along with her flare on popular trends. When Lisa was little, she enjoyed playing dress up and experimenting with her older sisters makeup. As she has grown up, she keeps her makeup simple with a bold lip. Lisa enjoys everything creative and would never turn down a shopping trip or anything peanut butter.

Carolane Chartrand

Long Lashes And Bold Lips
Carolane, also known as CarolaneCP on YouTube, is a beauty fanatic from Montreal, Canada. Carolane lives a double life: teacher during the day, YouTuber at night. When she’s not making or watching videos, she loves to pet her puppy or enjoy a warm latte! Carolane’s ultimate goal is to inspire and share her passions with the world! Her go-to makeup staples are mascara and a bold lipstick!

Paola Toledo

Brow Bombshell
Paola is an adventure seeker, a wanderer who spends her days creating and learning from everything that surrounds her. Paola studies Television Production and Spanish, and works as a cinematographer and photographer all while fashion blogging. She describes her style as bohemian and very chic. She loves an effortless outfit with messy hair and a lot of confidence! As far as make up goes a deep contour is always fun! It’s safe to say that Paola makes brow contact before eye contact! And, false lashes are never a bad idea! You can find her wildin’ at a concert, out hosting a show, or editing videos in a bed full of snacks. Paola’s definition of beauty: seeing someone passionate and excited about what they love.

Mireya Serna

Nail-Art Fanatic
Mireya is nail art enthusiast living in Chicago! She’s a self-proclaimed nail polish fanatic and will be your guide to nail info, tips and tricks. A girl who always has beauty on the brain and polish on her nails! When she’s not distracted with her love for polish, Mireya spends her free time traveling and spending time with her boyfriend and family. When Mireya travels, watches a movie, or buys a new outfit, you better believe some nail art will come of it as she is easily inspired and sees art in everything. When life isn’t perfect, make sure your nails are.

Rose Hegngi

Lipstick Lover
This is Rose. Originally from Cameroon, a small-ish country in central Africa, she moved to the US at a young age and now currently lives in Atlanta, Ga. On the weekends you can probably find her in one of three places: at Wholefoods in the nut-butter aisle, at the mall shopping for an outfit and fun lipstick for a girls night out, or at the bookstore sipping coffee and browsing the shelves. She loves all things that are bright, fun, fresh and delicious—these give her inspiration for the photos on her blog and the recipes she creates. Her current goal in life is to become a medical doctor—one with great fashion sense who inspires her patients to live a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully she can inspire you too!

Julia Daoud

Read Between The Eyeliner
Julia Daoud is the Ohio raised, Chicago based voice behind the fashion and lifestyle blog Simply Jules. Upon her move to Chicago and the start of her blog, Julia made the decision to strive for simplicity and a minimalistic lifestyle. When Julia is not working on the blog or behind the camera, she is a full-time student at DePaul University studying the Health Sciences. Her dreams after graduation are to continue her career in fashion as a successful blogger, and to eventually launch her own organic beauty line!

Steff Espinoza

Eyeliner Junkie
Steff is a wardrobe stylist from the southwest desert of Arizona, newly located in Maryland. She’s a Phoenix College alumni with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Her love for fashion has led her to work behind the scenes for multiple types of photo shoots, providing personal shopping services as well as creative direction and styling for video production. Give her some time in your closet and she’ll arrange an outfit you didn’t think you had. As much as she loves to use her craft in wardrobe styling, she also has an eye for prop styling and set design. She’s driven and inspired daily by her surroundings wherever she may be. When it comes to makeup she’s no expert but loves to have fun and experiment with it since it goes hand in hand with fashion.

Camille Schrier

The Beauty Foodie
Engineering student, former national pageant titleholder and food lover, Camille Schrier is the founder of the food, fitness, and beauty brand, Fit Like A Queen. Through healthy lifestyle and beauty posts, she uses her website and social media presence to inspire women to become the best version of their genuine selves. When she’s not playing with her food, putting on makeup, or taking photos…she is probably studying. As aspiring engineer from Newtown, Pennsylvania, Camille hopes to use her education and passion for food as a product development scientist in a commercial food corporation. Over the past two years, combining her many talents to create a unique social media experience through Fit Like A Queen has transformed from a pastime into a passion. She is thrilled to join the essence team, and break farther into the beauty world!

Jessica Lee

Nails & Lashes!
Based in Toronto, Canada, Jessica runs her own baking business, hello baked, specializing in chic designer sugar cookies and event favours. She hopes her work will inspire others to indulge their creative and artistic sides while relentlessly pursuing their passions. Since you’ll often find her running between her studio, meetings and events around the city, she keeps a simple beauty routine and relies on a killer mascara and lip gloss to get her through the day. As you might expect, she has a serious sweet tooth and is no stranger to eating cake for breakfast!

Kelsey Lemons

Bold, Bright, and Blushing
Kelsey Lemons, affectionately known as “Sey” or “SeySey”, is a freelance photographer, hand-letterer, and social media personality based in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. Kelsey’s makeup look mirrors her personality–fun and shimmering. Kelsey is passionate about life, people, creating connections, and encouraging others to live wholeheartedly. She loves being submerged in the world of creativity, considers eating a hobby, and vows to live her days perpetually inspired.

Carly Maddox

Brow Enthusiast
Meet Carly, a personal style blogger from Jacksonville, FL. Carly is currently a student and works freelance, with dreams to move to New York and pursue a career in fashion. She would describes her style as modern with vintage flair! Along with style blogging, Carly spends her time working as a social media manager and photographer. She’s an old soul who loves listening to classic rock and jazz, bold lipstick, and is always wearing something vintage!

Hailey Faulkner

Beauty Vlogger
Hailey is a makeup enthusiast who shares her passion for beauty through her YouTube channel, social media accounts, and recently-launched website. She is also a freelance photographer and college student who hopes to pursue a career in the beauty industry before furthering her education to become a college professor. Hailey loves the color yellow, changing up her hair style, and occasionally nerding-out on her Nintendo DS.